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Huatai Securities Research Report pointed out that the background of the first strengthening of banking stocks in July was the inflection point of PPI year on year; Behind the staged market during the period from August to October, the style of the GEM registration system, the pressure point of the bank's interim report, and the bottoming out of the US debt interest rate are further switched.On July 8, 2019, Beijing Municipal Construction Committee and Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Administration issued three model contracts on housing leasing.

01/ 10 Q Delayed retirement! What "workers" care about is here. 02/ China's high-income cities rank: Shenzhen is approaching 30,000 USD trillion GDP. Among the cities, only Chongqing is out of the list. 03/ The price of gold is cold, which does not hinder the buying of gold. 04/ Taihe Studios closed its business overnight, and its employees were shocked. Where is the cinema under pressure? 05/ Shenzhen official voice property market "hit new heat" to cool? 06/ Xiami Music "doesn't comment" on closing rumors. Ali doesn't "play" music? 07/ Guo Shuqing's heavy voice: real estate is the "grey rhinoceros" with the greatest financial risk at the present stage. 08/ The central bank "showed its talents" at the end of the month: exceeding the expected investment of 200 billion MLF09/ Yi Gang: monetary policy takes currency stability as the primary goal. 10/ The new promotion regulations will be implemented from December: no price increase or discount at first. 01/ Securities companies are the first to look at the gold stocks in December: China Pacific Insurance Company is the most concerned over Kweichow Moutai and Ping An. How to go after the U.S. stock market diving? 04/ Why was the "bull market flag bearer" suddenly attacked by air? Attention, funds are still pouring into ETF05/, a brokerage firm; investors are crying; double the number of bull stocks; the highest loss is nearly 30%; nearly 100 million institutional funds have fled; on December 1st, 2006, traders must read: good news and bad news affecting the stock market; on December 1st, 2007, 2020, the daily limit board knew: the seven good news were expected to ferment; on the afternoon, famous blogs watched the market; how did the structural market rotate? 09/ Yi Huiman: Establish a normalized delisting mechanism to promote long-term funds to enter the market. 10/ Stock Sea Navigation December 1, Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market announcement tips 01/P2P clearing the unfinished business: Who will pay for the 800 billion bad debts? On December 1st, 02, high-yield bank wealth management products were on sale. 03/ Is the bank really the return of the king? What does the collective fund research bank say 04/ Wang Guiya, the former chairman of CCB International, was sentenced to 6 years in prison: he took 3.93 million bribes and was suspected of serious job violations 05/ Guo Shuqing: the existing financial laws and regulations are not sufficiently intimidating, and the illegal costs are too low 06/ Can Boss Fund General Manager or former veteran Levin lead the company to break through the rights and interests problems? 07/ Mr. mr. yi and Mr. Zhou's worries 08/ Behind the complete suspension of personal gold business by banks such as China Merchants Bank and China Construction Bank 09/ Avoiding the risk of price fluctuation More than 10 banks such as ICBC have suspended precious metal trading to open accounts 10/ Eggshell crisis tracking: Weizhong Bank has not given up the rental loan hole of 10 billion yuan, and has yet to find the bottom plan.It is necessary to make full use of these superior resources, strengthen the rational development, protection and utilization of buildings and facilities such as red relics, strengthen the construction of rural infrastructure, promote the development of rural green ecology with the inheritance and promotion of red culture, and build a red cultural and ecological characteristic village that is livable and suitable for industry with the characteristic construction and development mode of "red+folklore", "red+ecology" and "red+beautiful countryside" to improve the quality of life of farmers.Micro-banks didn't give up rent loans. Many tenants in Putuo District, Baoshan District and Minhang District of Shanghai told Caijing reporter that since November 28th, they have received notices from the neighborhood committee by telephone and face-to-face: tenants who have used rent loans from Micro-banks can suspend their loan repayment.In 2019, the net profit of Weizhong Bank was 3.95 billion yuan, and this bad debt was 1.5 times of its net profit.

Accelerate the cultivation of farmers' cooperatives, family farms and other new agricultural business entities, guide the healthy and standardized development, and make them an important force leading the development of modern agriculture.

With the "explosion of export orders", it is difficult for enterprises to recruit workers.

"From the perspective of market expansion, China has continuously expanded the' the belt and road initiative' market in recent years through open cooperation.

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